Read about Gilles and his personal/professional approach to Fitness

Gilles is a father. A man who understands the pressures of day to day life, yet strives to be a renowned professional with an incredible level of fitness. His expertise is one of flexibility, built around his dedication to be able to train people wherever they may be, with however much or little time they may have. Known for delivering the best results with the least disruption, his training will fit around you; and it will transform you into the you you've always wanted to be.

My methodologies.

My methodologies are based on years of personal and professional experience. I have dedicated my time not only to training my clients but to listening to and understanding their individual needs. Fitness is personal and everyone’s journey to reaching their goals is different but there are a few key points that I believe are necessary for everyone, all of which go hand in hand:


I believe in order to affectively achieve the results you are looking for it is important to have professional guidance.


Fitness requires dedication, if you are not 100% committed to your goal you will struggle to achieve it.


Implementing a consistent fitness routine is the only thing that will make you fit and healthy, there are no quick fixes.


Giving your body the time it needs to rest and rebuild will enhance your performance and efficiency.


Everyone is inspired in different ways. Find what inspires you and have role models that will keep you going on your off days. Never underestimate the power of “Fitspiration”.


Make changes for the right reasons and remind yourself of them daily. Never lose sight of your goals.


In order to push yourself beyond your limits, you must learn to activate you mental strength as much as your physical.  A strong mind will get you out of bed, take you further during your workout and assist you in all aspects of life.


Giving it your all’ is important not only physically but mentally. Self-achievement has tremendously positive affects on your confidence and persona.

Balanced Diet

Fitness and diet must coexist. You must know the nutritional values of the food you eat and understand how to fuel your body efficiently in relation to your physical activity. The food you put in your body has much more purpose that most realize.

Daily choices

Many of your day-to-day subconscious choices affect your health more than you know. Choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to work or drinking water instead of soda, collectively these small choices make a huge difference that


Having the right amount of sleep should be just as important as doing the right amount of exercise.  The short and long term effects of having 8 hours of sleep per night are extremely important for both mental and physical well being.


Making realistic changes is vital in creating a healthier lifestyle. The understanding of moderation will allow you to make better and healthier choices.



My Training/Fitness services

Every ”body” is different. I offer a range of services that cater to all of my clients individual goals and needs. I have created a number of options that will allow me to assist you no matter what your schedule, location or resources are.