Take the first step towards a better you with one of my 12 week fitness guides. Complete with everything you need to get in the best shape you’ve ever been in.

Her Body by Gilles

If you have ever questioned the real benefits of being fit and healthy, you have come to the right place. This guide has a wealth of information and guidance to become the best version of yourself. It will help you understand the relationship between fitness and diet, the importance of cardiovascular exercises and, more importantly, it will shed light on the true benefits that combining training styles will have on your body.
The Body by Gilles method is based on 4 forms of exercise, all with a High Intensity factor. It allows your body to tone whilst burning significant calories..
Involving just a 28 minute routine, 3 times per week, this home fitness program is preformed with very little equipment: you need no more than Dumbbells and a fitness mat. Innovatively, the program starts with very simple exercises that build in difficulty and intensity across the whole 12 weeks. It will be challenging but you will feel more confident and motivated day after day.

His Body by Gilles

This guide will become your fitness bible. You will learn about different training styles, how your body will react in relation to the fitness program and, tips to successfully reach your goals. You will unlock the secrets of High Intensity Interval Training, and much, much more. Everything you needed to know has been packed in 160 pages, making this guide a life-changing tool.
Each workout is 24 minutes and requires very little equipment. It’s perfect to come home to- you don’t need to head to the gym, you can just get to it.
If you want to gain muscle, build cardiovascular endurance, tone and max out your calorie burning, this guide is for you.

Nutrition by Gilles

I share my love of food with Melanie Lionello, a Melbourne-based Nutritionist (BHumNut, Hons I).. Together we have created amazing recipes to compliment the Body by Gilles program. We wanted to make recipes that were different from the others you normally see in nutrition plans and that aren’t restrictive in any way.
Our guide is healthy food made easy. With 52 recipes to choose from, you have the freedom to decide what to eat on a day to day basis. There is more than enough to chose from!